Credit Rates

Alliance Credit Union realizes that many of your situations may involve the need for extra cash flow. Cash for a new home, new or used car, college, boats, RVs and more. What can we help you with today?


Type of Loan Sub-Account

Maximum Amount Financed

Maximum Repayment Term (Approximate)


Share-Secured Available Balance up to 120 months 2.75% plus current divided rate
Certificate-Secured Certificate Principal Amount up to 120 months 2.75% plus current divided rate
1stLine Line of Credit (LOC) $30,000.00 Not Applicable 9.99% beacon score 700 or higher
9.99% beacon score 680-699
17.99% beacon score 640-679
17.99% beacon score 600-639
17.99% beacon score 599 or less
1stPersonal Loan (secured) $30,000.00 up to 60 months 9.99% beacon score 720 or higher
10.99% beacon score 700-719
12.99% beacon score 680-699
14.99% beacon score 640-679
17.99% beacons score 639 or less
At 1st Credit Union of Gainesville, our industry-leading CONSUMER credit card products offer competitive pricing combined with a full range of reward options – making it easy to select and apply for the card that meets your needs.

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